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Thorley Hill Primary School

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips? 

At Thorley Hill, children have a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enjoy. Some clubs are run by school staff, some by external professionals, all with appropriate qualifications and CRB clearance. All children, regardless of their level of ability, are encouraged to take advantage of these activities. Every effort will be made to reduce barriers to participation.

Pupils may also have the opportunity to attend enrichment events both on and off the school site. Where necessary, risk assessments will be undertaken and reasonable adjustments made to enable inclusion regardless of need or disability.

School trips, including residential, are a regular feature at Thorley Hill Primary. These experiences are hugely enriching both from a learning and social aspect. All children are encouraged to participate. A risk assessment would be carefully considered and shared with parents/carers well in advance of the trip to ensure all children can be confidently and safely included regardless of their level of SEND. It may be necessary to make some reasonable adjustments to the trip’s events and activities to enable as much participation as possible. This would be discussed with parents/carers prior to the trip.