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Thorley Hill Primary School

Curriculum Drivers

At Thorley Hill Primary School we believe that a full spectrum curriculum is not complete until the school essentials have been established.  These essentials are a powerful way of defining what is important to the school and will ‘drive’ our curriculum.  The essentials of the curriculum at Thorley Hill Primary School have been identified as: 


 The Arts

At Thorley Hill we are passionate about providing a broad, cultural education for our pupils that encompasses the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, dance and drama.  We believe that our pupils should be able to express themselves through the arts and build confidence for everyday life.



Children working

At Thorley Hill we want to broaden the horizons of our pupils. The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.  It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities or religious belief.  It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.  It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual and within cultures.



At Thorley Hill we see ourselves as a central part of the community of Bishop’s Stortford, of the UK as a whole and of the wider world.  We aim to develop our pupils sense of belonging and of responsibility to the communities to which we belong. 



At Thorley Hill we believe in creating individuals who show initiative and creativity, pupils who can solve problems, develop ideas, can communicate effectively and are adaptable.  Direct teaching in lessons such as mathematics and science enable children to develop these skills.  However, our Enterprise week enables us to showcase this as well as team work and gaining an understanding of the wider world.  

Enrichment Opportunities 

Enrichment activities offer opportunities for all pupils to develop their cultural capital by providing opportunities they may not have had otherwise. Examples of Enrichment include Pupil voice, Educational Visits and Extra-Curricular Clubs (of which there are over 20 run on a weekly basis). 

We also value the expertise of visiting coaches and experts in ICT (robotics) and music (steel pans).

Healthy Lifestyles 

 We recognise the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles in school and want our pupils to develop an increasing understanding of the many different factors that contribute to keeping healthy. Our curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to learn about their physical health, what constitutes a balanced diet and about how exercise benefits the body. In addition, we want our pupils to have a developing understanding of how to maintain good mental health. Our curriculum, therefore, teaches an understanding of emotions, promotes resilience and encourages an open approach to discussing worries or concerns.

Our curriculum also includes opportunities for our pupils to learn how to keep themselves safe in all areas of life. An important element of this includes safety on-line and when communicating using technology.