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Thorley Hill Primary School




Being on time is a skill for life!

We expect the children to be in on time so that they are ready to learn and make the most of each day.  Early morning work starts right from the minute the children come into school and therefore it is vital your child is in school, on time.  




Children must attend school every day unless they are unwell.

 If your child is unwell you must contact the school office before 8:30am and report your child's absence giving the clear reason of why they are not in school.

The school will automatically text/call parents who have not rung the school by 9:30am.

Authorisation for morning or afternoon absences will be considered for reasons like illness or other unavoidable circumstances. Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no ‘leave’ has been given. This could include; unexplained absence or concerning attendance levels.


Days off school = Lost Learning

Whilst 100% attendance, in reality is not always possible, 95% is achievable and expected. We look at every child’s attendance and if there is a concern communication will occur between school staff and parents/carers either by letter or a meeting. If the attendance level fails to improve this may lead to a referral to our Education Welfare Officer for additional support.

Parents/carers with responsibility are required to ensure that children of compulsory school age receive efficient full time education. They are legally responsible for ensuring that children attend and stay at school.

Remember every time your child is not in school - they are missing out on valuable learning and experiences.


Leave of absence for holidays


Head Teachers are no longer able to grant requests for holidays to be taken by pupils during school time, unless in exceptional circumstances.

In exceptional circumstances parents can apply to the school for an Absence Request Form which must be completed and returned to the office explaining the reasons for the request – at least two weeks prior to the dates requested.

The form can be downloaded from here :

leave of absence form.pdf






Parents/carers should make every effort to keep phone numbers up to date so that we can contact home in the case of absence or emergency. Should you need to collect your child in the event of an emergency please contact the office and your child will be collected from class.