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Thorley Hill Primary School


Assessment for Learning 


Underpinning everything that we do at Thorley Hill Primary School is the belief that effective assessment, as part of on-going learning and teaching and with the active involvement of pupils, is the most powerful means of improving learning and raising standards.

Assessment for learning involves:

  • the sharing of learning objectives/intentions and success criteria with pupils, and the development of these with the pupils;
  • giving oral and written feedback to pupils based on these objectives/intentions, with the feedback relating directly to their learning in a way that they can understand and act upon;
  • the use of questioning to help pupils express and discuss their ideas and their understanding;
  • the nurturing of pupils as independent learners through the development of self-assessment and peer assessment.

Weaving these four elements together in all curriculum areas ensures that the most effective learning takes place and achievement is high.  At Thorley Hill Primary School we encourage our pupils to be enthusiastic, committed learners who thrive on challenge and have the ability to learn and work both independently and collaboratively.